Debian VDR and DVB Packaging Project

How-to build our packages

First you need to install subversion and svn-buildpackage.


Now let's configure ssh to allways use the right username when logging into (Note: You only need this step if have commit access to in the pkg-vdr-dvb project, if you just have read-only access, you can skip this step.)

You should put the following into your ~/.ssh/config:


(Of course you can skip the IdentityFile line and use password authentication, but believe me, it is much more comfortable this way.) ;-)

You should now add the public key to the keylist in the "My account"-section on alioth to be able to login on with this key.

Another note: I can only recommend that you use a ssh-key with passphrase together with the ssh-agent (ssh-add), but it is up to you to decide this.

Directory layout

The recommended directory layout for you working copies looks like this


Please note that the package directories only contain the debian subdirectory, the upstream sources will be merged with the debian directory automatically by svn-buildpackage at build-time, the upstream tarballs are located in the tarballs directory.

Every package directory in the repository contains 3 subdirectories, trunk, branches and tags. Normal development will be done in the trunk directory, branches should contain branches of the package (for example, it is planned to add a sarge branch for packages in sarge soon), the tags directory contains copies of all uploaded version of the package (you should not edit anything inside the tags directory: it should be used to get a specific version of a package from the repository).

checking out and building

The next step is to checkout the necessary files from the subversion repository (Note: It is recommended that you check out only the trunk directories of the packages, because checking out every module with the trunk, branches and tags directories would consume a lot of space on your disk.)

OK, let's check out and build the vdr package as an example:

cd basedir
svn co svn+ssh://
svn co svn+ssh:// vdr/vdr
cd vdr/vdr
svn-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us

If you only have read-only access to, you just have to use svn:// instead of svn+ssh:// when checking out the files.

My ~/.svn-buildpackage.conf contains just one line, similar to this one:


This means that svn-buildpackage allways will build and place the resulting packages in /basedir/build-area/ and that it will get the upstream tarballs from /basedir/tarballs/.

Additional documentation on svn-buildpackage and the other related tools can be found under /usr/share/doc/svn-buildpackage/.


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